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 Knight Vs. Scout

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PostSubject: Knight Vs. Scout   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:26 pm

This is possibly one of the hardest duels to win if you're a knight. I mean, come on, Ranged vs Melee? How could the knight ever win? There's a trick to it, though, that if you can do it just right, you can win.

Here's an example of a situation: A scout just used Ankle Binding on you. You're a level 66 knight, with decent armor, and the scout's around the same level. He's gonna be repeatedly using Wind Blow, which at level 66 will do around 20-30 damage to you each time, whereas your Slash will do a lot more to him, about 50-70. Not only that, but your Blazing adds 100-150 more Max hp.
So, how do you reach the scout? There's two ways: One is a simple trick, you just keep running at him, trying to chase him into a corner, and hope he doesn't notice, and is more focused on hitting you. Shield crash is the key; If you can shield crash, you can get quite a few hits in, and unless he uses Sparkcash pots (in which case you're screwed), you can just follow up with Hard Blow to stun him a little more, and you should be able to kill him off in that short time frame. Also remember to use Broken Sword, as the bleeding effect works VERY well in PvP.
The second trick depends on your opponent's awareness. All you have to do is run in the opposite direction that the scout is, and hope he gets close to you, and just suddenly start running back at him, and follow up with the strategy I described in the first trick.
Most of this was developed on personal experience as well as assumptions, so it may or may not work for you. Enjoy! cyclops
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Vs. Scout   Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:27 pm

you see, this is what i want to see more off. our members taking a more direct approach to certain aspects. very good tip meta, very good. *logs into SoS to try meta's tips out :-p*
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Knight Vs. Scout
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