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 So No One Gets Hurt [Party Tactic]

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PostSubject: So No One Gets Hurt [Party Tactic]   Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:14 pm

In parties people often attack any monsters in any order because they know the aco(s) have their back but
in certain maps where monsters hit everyone hard it is up to the kiter of the group to pull the monster so no one gets hit. after they successfully pull the monster the tankers (squires and neophytes) are responsible for stunning the monster so that the kiters don't get hit.

For this to happen the kiter must be the hardest hitter of the party.

As a result the best party of 8 would consist of:

1 Squire- To tank those annoying aggros and keep monsters away from the kiter

1Neophyte- To keep monsters away from the kiter and tank

2Acolytes- To heal everyone

1 Apprentice- to pull monsters and/or pull monsters away from the acolyte(s)

1Scout- [same as apprentice]

2Disciples- to protect the acolyte utilizing time shield and burning hands and to protect kiters

In a party like this no one will be hit at all unless an aggro comes along. If the neophyte and squire synchronise blindside and shield crash using them immediately after one another no one will be hit.
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So No One Gets Hurt [Party Tactic]
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