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 Guild Jobs

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PostSubject: Guild Jobs   Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:46 am

Sitting down on a rather comfortable chair, you look around at the rest of your guildmates who are all scattered around in the waiting area. Some of them are talking amongst themselves, and others are reading the little book that has the descriptions of all the available guild jobs within its pages. "I hope these jobs will help me make some money or something...it sure is hard keeping kron in your pocket as an aco." You get up and walk towards the counter, picking up the little black book yourself before returning to your seat.

Sensei: The job of the Sensei is training. These people will be some of the main people doing the trial runs, and trial phases. During the trial phase they will teach the apprentices, or the new recruits everything they can in an attempt to help them improve their skills. The Sensei sholud know the different tactics and fighting styles that the guild and its other members uses. They have the final say in determining whether or not an apprentice is ready to move up to the next rank.

Treasurer: The job of the Treasure should be common sense (for the most part anyway). These individuals deal with anything that has to do with the guild's kron. They handle bank loans, all transactions of the guild, they keep track of who has or has not beein paying their guild dues, etc. The treasurers are expected to make a weekly/monthly update of ANY and ALL kron that is withdrawn or depoisted into the guild while taking down what the guild's money was used for and how much was spent or received from these transactions.

Equipment Masters: The eqiupment masters are responsible for all of the guild's equips. Whenever someone needs to take out a certain equipment out of the guild storage, these are the go to people. They update the list of gears within the storage, and the also report who has what equipment, when the equipment was taken out, and when it will be returned.

Book Keepers: Looking for that elusive Level 5 Minor Heal or that slippery Level 1 Wild Swing? The book keepers are soley in charge of ALL the skill books that the guild has. Asides from giving out skill books to guild members (at a fee of course), they will also be responsible to sell any and all uneeded skill books to make extra money for the guild. They will also be responsible to make a note of the money gained and will pass on the information to the guild's Treasurers.

Tactians: The tactians are those clever individuals who work hard in making sure that every one in the guild is on the same page combat wise. They come up with different strategies or tactics to give their guild mates a jump on that Sa-Kiro or a fighting chance during guild wars/pvps. Some tactians are Squad Leaders, some aren't. Because of this reason they work hand in hand with the squad leaders during pvp/guild wars and it is advised that ALL guild members follow their instructions.

Potion Keepers: Asides from keeping tabs of who has depoisted hp or mp pots and who has withdrawn hp and mp pots, these people take care of ANY and ALL items that falls within this category. They should keep tab on Blaze pots, elixirs, tonics, juice etc. Like the other guild jobs they should also make a weekly report of what potions are in the guild inventory, the amount of these potions, etc.

Food/Herb Masters: Like the Book Keepers, these people are in charge of all the food/herbs stored in the guild inventory. Like the other jobs before them they should also keep tabs of who has taken what food/herb out of the guild's inventory and should make weekly reports of the amount of foods/herbs within the guild's inventory as well. They are also responsible in making sure that the SPIRIT division members are donating foods/herbs to the guild.

Quest Makers: Pretty simple what these people do. They are in charge of coming up with cooler, more intresting quests for the guild and the guild members to complete in order to move up in rank.

*As it currently stands, the only benefit in having a guild job (besides knowing that you're helping your guild mates of course) is the option to use equips from the guild armory for a longer period of time than other job less guild members. More jobs can/will be added as we see fit.*
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Guild Jobs
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