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 The Last Light

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PostSubject: The Last Light   Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:30 pm

Reborn from the ashes; like a Phoenix!! Such a saying best describes the hardships that The Last Light and its members have experienced. We know all too well what it means to be at the end of our rope and to do whatever is required of us to be the very best we can be. As such we are looking for a dedicated group of individuals who will work their hardest to help us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Do you think you have what it takes? Do you feel you posses what we're looking for? Who knows...you just might be exactly what we need. Always remember one thing: Xen's Darkest Hour Shall Be Our Finest!!


  • Level 50+ and relatively active.
  • Active enough to know what is going on within the guild and to particiapate in guild events, meetings, or guild wars/pvps. At the same time real life issues are more important than any game.
  • Must have passed a trial run. A trial run is defined as partying with myself and others to see how effective and efficient you are in a party.
  • Personality. While you will be graded on your battle tactics, your personality will also play an important role in determining your ability to join the guild. You can have some of the best battle tactics but if you have a messed up personality it will work against you. One thing you have to realize is that we will be more than just guild mates...we will be buddies, comrades, friends, and essentially family.


  • Disrespect and drama of any sort has no place within this guild and WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • Immaturity goes hand in hand with disrespect and drama. It has no place whatsoever within the guild. You can have fun, clown/joke around, but when it comes to being serious please do so. The best way that I can put it is: "There's a time and place for everything."
  • Following the commands/suggestions/orders of your guild,division, and squad leaders.
  • Willing to have fun and bring something meaningful to the guild.
  • Working as a team, as companions, and as part of the guild's "foundation."
  • You will be divided up into 5 man squads, consisting of the squad leader and 3 other low journeymen. This will be you're main team within the guild.
  • After passing a trial run, our members will be required to pass their trial phases. This will address any thing that will help in making them more effective partiers. They will also be introduced to some of our guild's battle tactics.

*Just because you sign up for the guild, it doesn't mean that you will be accepted. We are not accepting any and everybody in the guild. You are accepted if we feel you have what we're looking for. One thing we value at The Last Light is efficiency and companionship.*

Guild Forum
The forum will be our main median of communication. It is very important that everyone sign up and check the forum on a daily basis. The dealings and happenings within the guild will be addressed there. Members will be given a link to the forum upon completion of their trial runs. *Up and running!!!*

Divisions and a brief description of them

The Soldiers Of Undying Light or SOUL for short are the fighters. They generally have the most hit points, strongest defensives and highest attacks. As such they will mainly be responsible to hunt/bargain for good equips for the guild's armory.

Battlers Using Really Speedy Tactics (kudos to Durin Kaine) or BURST are the rogues. As the name implies these are individuals with amazing attack speed. They will give any class a run for their money. They are well trained in evading the enemies attacks and for their well timed precise movements. They are mainly responsible for seeking out Xen stones to enhance equipment.

When it comes to providing cover support on the battle field that's what the green arrows really shine as. They can shoot down even the most deadliest enemies from afar. The job of the green arrows will be searching for pet quest items and donations of mp pots.

The Holy Syndicate are the true backbone of the guild. Healing and increasing the squad's survivalability will be their primary responsibilities. They are also responsible for providing the guild with donations of hp pots.

These unique individuals have broken off from The Holy Syndicate. They can assist in healing their squad members and can hold their own even against SOUL. Like the Holy Syndicate, they are responsible for providing the guild with donations of mp pots.

These individuals are adept with controling the very laws of nature. They can literally lower the very temperature around them to freeze the water molecules in the air and rain hail down on their enemies. They will be responsible for donating any fruit or herbs (savory,squash,etc.) to the guild.

*While each divison has their own specific task, everyone is responsible to help make the guild the best it possibly can be.

Ranks are a means of knowing just how strong a person is or how much power that person has. You are to follow the requests of those select individuals who are higher than you. Failing to do so will have consequences. Ranked from highest to lowest.

*The descriptions of each rank is based on a need to know basis. Once you have successfully been allowed into the guild, you will find out the differences/requirements for each rank.

High Council
Low Council
Squad Leaders
High Journeymen
Low Journeymen

Rank Point System (RPS)
This system will be very useful in determining the requirements to advance to a higher rank within the guild. Rank Points will be given out based on numerous reasons ranging from attending guild meetings, performance in guild wars/pvps, etc. Will be elaborated on once you enter the guild.

Senseis and Squad Leaders
Senseis: These individuals will be responsible in training the apprentices or the new recruits. They make sure that they are well trained in the guild's beliefs and tactics. Once the apprentices have passed their trial phases (lasts as long as the Senseis see fit) then they can move up to the rank of Low Journeyman.

Squad Leaders: These individuals lead their squads during guildwars/pvps,grinding, etc. Will be given pay checks to make sure their squad is performing at their best. Keep tabs on who has what equipment from guild inventory. Very crucial that they know their members strengths & weaknesses.

The Specialists: People who are given certain jobs, they excel at what they do.

  • Senseis
  • Treasurers
  • Equipment Masters
  • Book Keepers
  • Tactians
  • Potion Keepers
  • Food/Herb Masters

Guild Dues, Pay Checks, Equipment
Every month, guild members will be required to donate a specific amount of kron to the guild based on their levels (lvls 3X, 30K. 6X, 60K, etc.) This money will be primarily used to buy guild suppiles (+1 weapons, pots, etc). Pay checks will also be given out once a month to the squad leaders as they will be responsible in providing squad members with supplies and armory. Squad members will be assigned better equipment for a set period of time. Once this time is up, they must hand their equipment over to their squad leaders. Failing to do so will have consequences.

Guild Events
Some, not all guild events will be open up to ALL of the inhabitants of Xen. Most guild events will be held for guild members. Prizes range from free kron, pet quest items, or an advance on paychecks or exception from paying guild dues.

Fill out the form below. You will be contacted for your trial run upon doing so.

TIME ZONE: (US time zones are nice to have though they aren't mandatory, revisions will be made to accomodate any and all time zones)

*Update(s): Still recruiting!!!!! Guild Meeting Saturday 10:00 pm EST.

Event Calender: http://www.localendar.com/public/GiovanniGale
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The Last Light
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