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 Squads 101

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PostSubject: Squads 101   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:33 pm


"So you've come here to learn everything you can about squads huh?" A rather attractive young lady with long flowing purple hair looks you over through her half moon spectacles. She smiles at you before disclosing all information you ask her.

"What are squads, and their purpose?"
"Well sqauds is basically a team consisting of five individuals: the squad leader and his/her members. Each sqaud will consist of one member from each class plus one member from any of the given classes. Your squad provides you with a number of benefits. The most obvious is a team within the guild to help you level. Squads are broken down so that you not only get 10% from partying with your squad mates; you also get the 20%. You're in a leveling slump and don't think you can do it alone? Thats what your sqaud is there for. You need people to talk to and to hang out with? Why not turn to your squad members? The main purpose for your squad is to build companship and to get to know your guild mates on a deeper level. They are like your sub family within the guild."

"Okay, I get all that but how will this "squad" of mine help me in terms of kron? Pots aren't cheap now with the war still raging on with Alastor and Marian."
"That's a good question. Squads will be able to help you with buying pots, tonics, and other items that will benefit the squad. You're exactly right! Pots aren't cheap, and therefore the money given to squads can't cover everyone's needs. This money will be used to help pay for blaze tonics, revival plants, and other items that fall in these categories."

"Sweet!! So I get money for being in this squad? Well that's all I needed to..."
"Hey!! I never said that this money would go to YOU. In fact, the only person that will most likely see the money is the squad leader. He or she will be the one primarily responsible to help pay for those items."

"That really blows!! But I suppose its better that way anyway. I do have a problem of properly handling my kron. *sighs* Good equips are soo expensive as well. What about guild wars? Will squads have any benefit with that?"
"Of course silly! Guild wars are where these squads will most likely shine. You ever notice on the battle field that most of the time people attack in packs? And they are more prone to attack a small group of people instead of a large group? Well just think having each squad spread out at strategic locations on the battlefield. And low and behold your squad is under attack. Then out of no where...BOOM!! Two other squads come to your aid and instead of 5 against 8, its 15 against 8. The enemy won't know what hit them."

"Ok that sounds pretty cool. But how about my buddies outside the guild? Since I'm in a squad, does that mean I have to party with these people ALL the time and never party with my other buddies any more?"
"Good question. *Bright smile* No, you don't have to party with your squad mates all the time. Squads make it easier to get a party going and go on expeditions and to help with those difficult rank quests. But if you never party with your squad mates, how do you expect to battle efficiently on the battlefield when the time comes to do so?"

"I guess you have a point. One question though. Where do I go to find out what squad I'm in?"
"Haha. Why not try the Squad Quarters..."
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Squads 101
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