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 Going Full Swing

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PostSubject: Going Full Swing   Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:19 am

Hello fellow Last Lightians. With the month of July comes new things in the works for TLL. I did say that we will be going full swing in July didn't I? I dunno about ya'll but I am REALLY excited about what we have plan for TLL over the upcoming weeks. First and foremost is the ranks.

Dur and I have been working on and fine tuning the requirements and rank points needed for each rank. The only thing I can say about the ranks is that based on your rank you have to do a certain ranked quest to gain rank ponits and you can only do a certain rank level quest based on your current rank, think naruto. I'll post the ranks later today after Dur has looked over the final draft. So check out the guild forum for more info.

Next up is squads. Dur and I will be working on making the squads throughout the week and by saturday's guild meeting the squads/squad leaders will be announced. We're trying to balance each squad as best as we can.

Our guild meeting will be Saturday at 10:00 pm EST. We will be dicussing the break down of guild meetings from now on, future plans for the guild, and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Ummm with the fourth of july being this friday we are contemplating on having a pre-indepence day guild party on Wednesday around 6:00 pm EST. Will only say that the grand prize will probably be 250K providing you are able to answer the riddle we have selected. Check back here later today or on the SoS forum for confirmation on the party and what events/prizes we will be having.

Two of our members have been in active for quite a while now: Yamabushi and suu-chan. I've decided to free up their slots to make room for potential guild members. If i can get in contact with them, their slots will be saved. They will be put on the waiting list until further notice. Daino like i have stated before has decided to make a scout and won't be on his squire any more if i'm correct. I haven't seen him in a while either so he too will be put on the waiting list (his scout's name is Snow Fire).
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Going Full Swing
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